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[Ib Application] Pricilla Gittins by Forever-one-soul [Ib Application] Pricilla Gittins by Forever-one-soul

[Psst. I'm finally done... //flings self on couch] For: :iconbluesparklesplz: :iconillegibilus: :iconbluesparklesplz:

[It's not a tattoo on her left hand I swear! It's just Henna! ;A; It doesn't come off easily! Especially if you don't want it to]

• Name: Pricilla Gittins
• Age: 16
• Gender: Female
• Height: 5ft 5 (165cm)
• Weight: 122lbs (55kg)
• Birthday: December 27th
• Nationality: Welsh 
• House: Ravenclaw
• Year: 6th

• Wand Ingredients - 
Core: Dragon heartstring
Length: Twelve inches
Wood: Sycamore
Flexibility: Solid

• Personality:

Pricilla is a very eccentric person who’s curiosity often gets the better of her. She loves being educated and exposed to new experiences and ideas as well as opportunities. So much so that she is easily absorbed in her new found discovery that she sometimes forgets about her present.

Once she’s found something that hooks her interest she converts to severe tunnel vision mode and tends to ignore her surroundings completely. Once she’s in this mode it is not ideal for anyone to try and distract her as she becomes easily agitated and snappy and views you as nothing more than an obstacle.

Unable to keep still for too long with very thin patience’s, Pricilla is a fast paced person who absent mindedly expects others to keep up with her both intellectually and physically, often stating that if she can do it than anyone can too. Though she is obviously proud she is not above lending a helping hand to those who request it and will slowly simmer down to guide them if they ever need it.

A focused individual when it comes to her studies, Pricilla often sets high expectation for herself and is easily irritated by those who can best her in things without even trying. This is mostly because she is one of those students who works her hardest in every subject and studies books cover to cover. She is not one to be concerned about her looks or how she makes other feel in her presence. 

She exhibits some very competitive characteristics when she feels as if her hard work is in danger of being overshadowed, and often treats certain exams as competitions.

She has an excellent memory capacity for someone so young and often in the most random of times, certain words trigger a memory that she uncontrollably blurts out.

Despite her fast and upbeat persona, on some occasions if you catch her off guard you can sneak a glimpse of how tired and emotionally challenged a person she really is.

Pricilla is not someone who understands how to deal with emotional situations as she tends to ignore them. She cover any expressions that might give away what she’s thinking internally and instead channels them through her work. She is not someone who will cry or throw a fit in public and prefers to keep others away from her deepest thoughts out of fear of being seen as vulnerable.

• Background:

Pricilla was the second child born to Calvin and Petra Gittins, her elder brother being six years her senior. Prior to her birth both of her parents worked at the ministry as --- but soon found that their work hours were cutting too much into their family time. Originally the plan was for Petra (Pricilla’s mother) to quit her job after their sons 3rd birthday but Petra made it very clear that she was not confident about being a stay at home mother. She loved her son very much but she also liked to keep busy in an office environment and was uncomfortable with all her spare time. She was a restless woman with a stubborn streak that she used to bully her poor easy going and soft husband.

In the end the plan ended up changing, Petra had another child, a daughter and when she was old enough for a daycare or her son was old enough to babysit by himself, she returned to work and her husband took his place as a stay at home father.

This was most likely for the best as he was very good at it. He was an adventurous man who enjoyed taking his children out across country and self educating him. He took pride in their knowledge and made it his mission to expose them to all he could in the world so they were never missing out.

Growing up, Pricilla lived a rather regular life for a witch. She was surrounded by magic and lived in the wizarding world, but her family was ordinary. During the time when she was a toddler her mother was very involved with her children as they didn’t really participate at school like most muggle students. Petra was not like her husband, she enjoyed traveling in comfort and did it just to be on the move, whereas her husband took part in activities. Petra tried to do those fun adventurous things for her children but she couldn’t help but feel relived when she was able to return back to work. She was a good mother who often dotted on her children (that mother that bought  her daughter a silk scarf from Paris and a leather bag for her son while expecting it to laugh) but she really did like keeping busy and didn’t know what to do with her spare time.

When Pricilla was daycare age (5 or 6) her father became a stay at home dad and the three started going on expeditions. Her father was an inventor and learned a lot in his youth that he wanted to share with his children so that they could have the same exposure he did. He worked hard to prep his trips for them to be exciting. They went on expeditions through mountains and through his connections they were able to observe some very interesting creatures.


A time to be herself

It was around her sixth birthday that her brother got his letter to Hogwarts. On the outside Pricilla was very excited for him, however she was a little worried on the inside as most of her life had been surrounded by her mother and her elder brother. She didn’t quite know her dad as well as most others did because she was too young to see him when he was not working. He was portrayed as a soft spoken yet calculating individual who was never easy to understand. As a father the man held soft man who could bend easily to his children will.

When Pricilla was left in his care after her brothers will, Pricilla was nervous and unsure how life would be like for the next four years, but luckily for her - her time with her father was way more enjoyable than she could have imagined.

She became very curious with through her busy lifestyle with him, and together they learned a bundle of new things. He became her friend and her teacher while still remaining his fatherly figure. He taught her everything he knew and she was quick and excited to learn

It turned out that Pricilla was very much like her father, very adventurous and curious about everything but she was also similar to her mother. She had a determined mind when she found something that she could be passionate about and worked extremely hard towards any goals she set or were set for her.

Pricilla didn’t have many friends as a child. She made short term friends that she would play with when she had the time but for the most part she spent her days traveling around with her father. Despite the fact that she was not around children her own age very often, she was still a very sociable child and easy to get along with.

Acceptance into Hogwarts

It seemed like such a short period of time before she was accepted into Hogwarts, and when it was time Pricilla started off feeling rather giddy with excitement. She was so excited that she sent an owl to her brother to inform him of the exciting news, even though he pretty much expected such a thing. He advised her to enjoy her last summer with their dad as when she started school he would be returning to work.

At his letter, Pricillas excitement deflated in an instant. She had forgotten about this small fact and was disappointed to be reminded. She didn’t want to leave all this adventure behind and was scared to leave her fathers side. She flat out refused to go, claiming that she had no desire to go where it would be boring.

The idea of sitting in a classroom all day every day with the same students and teachers didn’t appeal to her at the time. She didn’t want to live a life of uniform and she definitely didn’t want to loose her freedom to do as she pleased, and she let her family know loudly.

She declined invitations to go on trips with her father to one last country determined to keep the word last out of their vocabulary and instead decided to mope around the house in hopes that her parents would take the hint that she didn’t want to go to Hogwarts.

Unfortunately her parents (mother especially) were extremely stubborn and barely gave her attitude a second glance. They could not be deterred and thought Hogwarts was an exceedingly exceptional school for her to attend. When the time came for her to get ready her father encouraged her to consider it like a new adventure. He told her about the years he spent at Hogwarts, and told her about the experiences he had. Although begrudgingly, Pricilla couldn’t deny that such a place was enticing to her and that she was curious about all the secrets that lay hidden through the walls. With all this in mind, Pricilla was able to slowly accept her new lifestyle and muster some excitement that she buried away.

Trip to Diagon Ally.

The school shopping went as expected. She had gone shopping a little earlier than most students so she didn’t get to meet many new students that would attend the same school as her. She and her brother share a safety bank account for small things that they would like to buy whilst in school when they need it quickly (broken items, replacement book, activity fees etc.) and emergencies.

Unfortunately, Pricilla was unable to buy a pet for herself and instead had to take her brothers old tawny owl whilst he bought himself a new one as he had made prefect that year and it was a congratulations gift. (The tawny owl died in a freack accident during her third year and currently needs replacing) Other than that the only other things that got her excited was her first year book purchases and her brand new wand.

She had made her purchases sparsely, making two trips one for books and wands and one for uniform with a few weeks to a month in between.

The wand that chose Pricilla was a Sycamore wand with Dragon heartstring core and a length of 12 inched and very solid. Characteristics possessed from both of her family members and almost identical to her brothers wand (except his was 12 and ¾s in length). It was a very strange match up and unfortunately because of the cores rambunctious mind vs the wood it caused a bit of conflict between owner and wand. The spells were performed correctly but never in the way expected. ‘Accio’ would summon every book in the house as apposed to the one requested. The wand often got bored and would constantly buzz when not in use.

During her down time when Pricilla decided to study, the wand would lighten up and burn at the tip for attention. Pricilla often got frustrated with it and would lock it away in a cabinet when it interfered with her studying.
She was very restless before school started so she ended up doing lots of reading to keep herself busy. She managed to finish the majority of her books and take notes that she would re-read and add to later when she got to school.


Sorting and first few years

As soon as Pricilla hopped on the Hogwarts express she caved and found herself wallowing in anxiety once again at leaving behind her home yet again, her brother ws tasked with looking out for her but unfortunately he was also supposed to monitor the compartments so she only saw him a couple of times.

Her compartment mates were also first years so she was able to express how she felt. It seemed that they all seemed to already know one another, making Pricilla a little nervous and left out. However the students were all very nice and quickly took a liking to her. She hit it off really well with a rather scruffy yet intelligent boy who was explaining how annoying his wand was, Pricilla was able to contribute to the conversation and they all exchanged stories whilst demonstrating what few spells they knew.


During the sorting ceremony, her giddiness faded instantaneously at the thought of being sorted a separate house from her new (only) friends. Though she was an outgoing person, she still didn’t have any real ‘basic socializing skills’. So she felt a  little uneasy.

 She was nervous the entire time often looking in her brother direction to which he pointedly made an effort to hold her gaze and offer smiles of encouragement. When her name was called and she was placed under the hat she was shaking with anxiety until finally after a good solid 3 seconds it roared Ravenclaw!

At it’s shout, Pricilla’s reaction was delayed for about 10 seconds causing confusion among the crowed as her mind shuffled through relief then sheer excitement as she practically ran to her designated table.

At the last moment she chanced a glance at her brother who was standing with a wide grin on his face. She was delighted to have made him proud.

Pricilla wasn’t always so content with herself  as during her first few years the poor girl was an oddball. She knew that she should probably tone down her enthusiasm but she couldn’t help it. And she felt weird at how many people looked at her differently even though she felt completely normal.

She worked hard in her studies and participated well enough for a student. Her grades were relatively high for someone who seemed so out of it yet she remained unfazed by the constant gossip about her. Still she felt as though she had to do something about it. So during her second year, Pricilla noticeably changed outwardly. She spoke softer and kept to herself more, burying her thoughts in a notebook rather than letting them spill out of her mouth like usual. And she made a significantly larger amount of friends this way but she couldn’t help but feel extremely uncomfortable with her façade. And her original friends were slightly disappointed in this new change but kept it to themselves and supported her regardless.

During Christmas break before she left she received two presence that were marked anonymous. One was a three book moleskin journal pack with 2 colorful fountain pins and quills and the other was a pack of pins with a red gem in the center of each flower shaped bit. There was note attached at the end saying “Don’t forget to be you. Happy Christmas.”

The gifts and note made Pricilla cry a little. During that winter break she changed yet again, but this time back to who she was comfortable being. She cropped her hair nice and short so it would stay out of her way, wore small colorful studded earrings again and wore a different amount of pins each day. Two always sat on her jumper --- and there were always a few pinned in her hair. She keeps one of the journals by her side and tucks a pen or quill behind her ear when not in use. She often has pen ink smeared on her ear or cheek and wears a vest to hide her stained shirt.

Whenever she has a surprising thought, Pricilla quickly jots it down in her journal before it can go away. She retains her loud and excitable sense of speech and lost some of her newer friends because of this, however there were some traits that she kept like her ability to hide her true inner feelings and always staying on the positive side for others sake.

• Family:

:bulletblack:Brother: Calvin Gittins (Pureblood) – 20 [Slytherin]
As siblings, Pricilla and her brother Calvin got along well enough. Pricilla respected her brother and Calvin in return thought his sisters bizarrness was rather charming. They brought out the best in one another but they were not much more than good friends as they were quite a few years apart.

Pricilla was different from her brother and she was constantly reminded of this fact ever sense she was born. He was always portrayed as the smarter one and the more hardworking one. Only her father truly saw that they both were probably equal in every way as her mother was often too busy to take any particular notice.

:bulletblack:Mother: Petra Gittins (Pureblood) – 43 [Ravenclaw]

Maternal Family
:bulletblack:[Deceased] Grandmother: Evea Shmirf (Pureblood) – 69 [unknown]
:bulletblack:Grandfather: Antonio  (Pureblood) - 71 [Ravenclaw]

:bulletblack:Father: Porter Gittins (Pureblood) - 49 [Slytherin]
Paternal Family
:bulletblack:Aunt : Isabella Gittins (Pureblood) - 43 [Slytherin]

• Likes & Dislikes:

:bulletgreen:Likes: adventure | Talking | Being the best in class | Quiet while studying and focusing
:bulletred:Dislikes: When people get in her way when she's focused | People who are better then her without trying | Cold meat

• Elective Classes:
- Arithmancy
- Care of Magical Creatures

• Extra Curricular:
- Ghoul Studies
- Magical Theory

• Spells:

- Finite Incantatem
- Reparo
- Incarcerous
- Reducto
- Evanesco

• Trivia

- Demisexual (but seriously it doesn't even matter. If you like this girl then slap yo self!)
- Plays the flute but often misplaces it
- Forever talking to the gray lady because is a loner~
- Has little friends, because mingling with people her own age is so mainstream (haha~ no she's just a loner and kiddies are nice ;v;)
- Holds small get togethers for friends in the library equivalent to a study session
- Is kind of apathetic to natural happenings (eg. Person1: Oh look birdie died. Pricilla: Don't touch it, leave it be so that some poor living animal can have lunch)

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